Extraordinary ideas that transform kids into imaginators

We are Dodo laboratory, a creative enterprise of multidisciplinary imaginators creating exceptional ideas to empower kids to think deeper about the greatest challenges in the world and take action.

We encourage 8-12 year olds to learn what they don’t in school: How to use their imaginations and creativity as a force for good by embracing their natural curiosity and giving them the freedom to play.

We make deep thinking exciting by developing fantastic worlds and entertaining experiences for kids.

Using engaging experiences, we present real social issues that require kid’s inventiveness to find new solutions. We offer alternatives in playful and immersive games and interactions, mixing both traditional and new media formats.

Kids have real superpowers. We want to inspire them to take action...and for the world to follow

We bring kids together both online and offline across the globe to inspire each other and have lots of fun. Our goal is to create a generation of imaginators instead of followers.

Imagination is today’s revolution

Contact us for more extraordinary ideas and let’s start this revolution!

“I want Dodo to succeed, if only because i'm wondering what else they've got planned”


Meet our team of imaginators

Based in Berlin but working worldwide, our team range from experts and professionals that curate and shape pedagogic content, to top creatives (artists, motionographers, musicians, designers... ) who transform that expert content into our unique Dodo universe.