We walk in kids' shoes and help them onto the shoulders of Giants

A creative laboratory of ideas focused on kids. We are all about developing engaging concepts and purposeful experiences both online and offline with a team of creative thinkers and makers. From food sculptors, storm chasers, illustrators, engineers to philosophers, we believe in creativity ‘coming from unlikely juxtapositions’. Connecting different experiences is how we arrive at real breakthroughs.

“A journey starts here”


We want to change the way we teach and engage children. We want to make better media for kids that provide a platform of opportunities to make a positive impact.

To succeed in today’s world, we often talk about the need for people who are able ‘think outside the box’, apply creativity to increasingly well-worn solutions. But we are still educating kids based on an outdated hierarchy of skills and subjects. We think creativity is often taken frivolously, when it should be a meaningful and fundamental part of our education, as much as literacy, math, science and computing.

Kids making a positive impact in the world

We create experiences that inspire creativity and imagination through immersive storytelling. We help kids learn and experiment with different ideas. As well as foster a fearless community of kid creators that can make a real impact in the world.

We want to make creative education engaging and entertaining, and in a way that will help kids understand the world on a deeper level than what current media and entertainment allow for. We believe creative thinking empowers the next generation to redefine human potential. Whether it’s tackling the world’s most pressing problems, exploring new frontiers or reimagining new forms of expressions.

“An exciting project to explore”


Innovative concepts & projects for kids with purpose

We work with brands and organisations to develop innovative concepts and creative projects for kids with purpose. We provide services from strategy, consultancy to conception and production across the full spectrum of creative disciplines, both new and old.

Whether it is a magazine, a workshop, an event or a campaign, we start with inspirations from the real world - the major challenges we face in our economy, our environment, our politics and other global issues that we translate into experiences kids can creatively engage with.

Let's make something inspired together!

Want to authentically connect with a new generation? Looking for innovative ideas for kids that makes a difference. We'd love to hear from you.

“I want Dodo to succeed, if only because i'm wondering what else they've got planned”


Meet the Imaginators

We are building a network of visionary creatives and specialists across different domains (artists, designers, academics, technologists, scientists, engineers, educators… We call them Imaginators) to help make purposeful experiences that challenge the imagination and keep us curious.

Together, we want to inspire kids to play, experiment and innovate, as well as to think critically and ultimately leave good marks on this world.