We are instigators for creativity. Specializing in guerilla interventions, workshops, events, as well as editorial content. We make stuff both for kids and adults who see the world as an experimental palette for play and innovation. Positivity, imagination and storytelling are at the heart of what we do. We aspire to challenge everyone to be creative in whatever they do at any age. Dodo Laboratory is a mindset, a way of life...
a primer for creativity.
Dodo Magazine

An adventure, creativity and fantasy magazine for anyone that has ever dreamed of a treehouse. Dodo is a time machine, a theme park, a trip to the moon, a horror story, a prehistoric site, an unsolved mystery, even a Zeppelin voyage. It’s a magazine only to be read under your sheets with a flashlight. With every passing page, you’ll leave behind everything around you as you enter a special world of your own, a place where nothing bad can happen, where everything has yet to be discovered; a place where you have already been before but somehow forgotten. Each issue is a collaboration by more than 50 creatives from around the world and was selected as one of the top 50 independent magazines in the world by Random House this year.

The Vanguards of Abrantes

We were comissioned by Canal 180 to host a workshop as part of their Creative Camp 2015. The result, we got 100 kids to take over the town and storm the castle of Abrantes in Portugal. We held a one day costume and flag making workshop for kids from 6 - 16 years old. The estatic children formed a vanguard that marched across the town in a spectacular parade to storm the castle. The kids even created an original song they chanted along to the drums. Their song sounded through the streets of Abrantes, which brought out all the locals to witness the event. When they arrived at the castle they ran and stormed the ancient tower, where the first king of Portugal once stood, and installed their flags designed around messages they hoped to send out into the world. It was a symbolic passing of the torch from one generation to the next.

A very Dodo Christmas Countdown

Last December we made an advent calendar with 25 creators based in Berlin. Every day they transformed a simple tree into a very Dodo tree: the monsters tree; the tree that wanted to be a snowman; the hands, eyes, mouths, ears and noses tree; the neighborhood tree; the smurfs tree; the carnivorous tree; the extinct birds tree; the crochet tree; the big bulb tree; the solar system tree; the exploding tree; the treasure tree; the parametric tree; the snowy mountain tree; the candy tree; the grinch tree; the space junk tree; the haunted tree and the pizza burger tree...

The Greatest Shop of Secrets

We were comissioned to do an urban intervention in one of the local shops of Abrantes (Portugal), as part of the 180 Creative Camp’s annual artistic transformation of the historic town. We metamorphosed the old ceramic shop of Adelaide Mendoc into “The Greatest Shop Of Secrets In Abrantes”. For the purchase of any object in the store, buyers received a real secret from a resident of Abrantes in exchange. With little budget we helped Adelaide surpass her sales for the last 2 years in just one day.

Time Capsule to the Future

For the launching of Dodo Magazine present/future issue we made a temporary exhibition about time capsules in history that we showcased at Motto Berlin and La central del Reina Sofía in Madrid. We created our own time capsule with special objects that people brought for the occassion, the capsule will remain buried until 2024. We have checked ahead of time if people did receive the magazines in the future using a real time machine with a mechanism running on a special clock and condensed water.

The Mad Scientists of Dodo Lab

Rubén Martin
Creative Director

Ruben is a senior creative and art director from Spain, born on a rare date - 29th of February. The stars aligned and he started working in Madrid for Neo 2 Magazine as a graphic designer and then became an art director in Contrapunto/BBDO working for brands such as Smart, Toys’R’us, Mercedes Benz, Gillette, etc... After 5 years he moved to Berlin in order to found Dodo Magazine and Dodo Laboratory. He is passionate about creativity and story telling.

Hayli Chwang
Creative Strategist

Hayli is an Australian creative strategist and art director currently based between Paris and Berlin. With over 10 years experience in concept design, film and visual production, she’s had the privilege to work with one of Asia's most successful director Peter Ho-Sun Chan, as well as with clients such as France Television, Canal studios, Bolloré Media and Orange. She brings Dodo Laboratory her creative chops and curiosity about what makes people tick. She’s happiest when she is pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas and rallying others to the cause.

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